How to Write the Assumptions in Chapter 1 of a Thesis?

According to a dictionary beside me (Oxford Colour Dictionary, 2001), “assumption” is the feeling that something must be true. On the other hand, another book describes it as a self-evident truth which is based upon a known fact or phenomenon.

Oftentimes, assumptions are not used when writing descriptive and historical researches. Yes, they are not explicitly expressed on those situations. Remember that generally, every specific question is clearly based upon an assumption so if there’s none of it, there can be no specific question.

  • Specific question: How effective are the methods used in the teaching of Mathematics?
  • Implicit assumption: There are certain methods that are effective in the teaching of science.
Here are some guidelines in the use of basic assumptions:
  • You cannot assume the value your study.
  • You cannot assume the reliability of the instruments you propose to use in your research. *
  • Validity of basic data is something you cannot assume too.*
  • Lastly, you cannot assume that your population is typical.*
  • Keep in mind that an assumptions is not tested, neither it is defended nor argued.
*Such a rationale and defense, validity and others can be established under methodology.


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