How to Write the Limitation of the Study in Chapter 1 of a Thesis?

Limitation of the Study
Actually, I have already written some guidelines on how to write the scope and delimitation on this site, but I think the “Limitation of the Study” article needs to be elaborated more. So here it is.

Limitations of the study include the weaknesses of the study beyond the control of the researcher. This is especially true in descriptive research where variables involved are uncountable or continuous variables such as adequacy, effectiveness, efficiency, extent, etc. The weaknesses spring out of the inaccuracies of the perceptions of the respondents.

For example, Smart Communications’ services may be rated as “very adequate” by 50 subscribers, “adequate” by 75 subscribers, “fairly adequate” by 30 subscribers, “inadequate” by 20 subscribers and “very inadequate” by 15 subscribers. It is sure that with this ratings, not all of them could be correct in their assessment. It may not entirely a wrong perception but some could have inaccurate realization.


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