How to Write the Scope and Delimitation in Chapter 1 of a Thesis?

Scope and Delimitation
Here are some guidelines in writing the scope and delimitation part of your thesis. Generally, you should do or include the following:
  • A brief statement of the general purpose of the study.
  • The subject matter and topics studied and discussed. (Answer the question “to whom your research is directed to?”)
  • The locale of the study, where the data were gathered or the entity to which the data belong.
  • State where the study will take place. It is the population or universe from which the respondents were selected. This must be large enough to make generalizations significant.
  • The period of the study. This is the time, either months or years, during which the data were gathered. Indicate the timeframe or the time coverage of the study.
  • Of course, the limitation of your study. (Try to answer questions like “What is the incapability of your research?” or “What your research cannot do?”)
  • (Is it beneficial to all? Or to a certain person/institution only?)
This part of the thesis doesn’t require being very long. Actually, as long as those important matters have been discussed, it’s already done. That’s it!

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