How to Write the Statement of the Problem in Chapter 1 of a Thesis?

Statement of the Problem
There should be a general statement of the whole problem followed by the specific questions or subproblems into which the general problem is broken up. Here are the guidelines in formulating the general problem and the specific subproblems or specific questions. Tips below are the characteristics of specific questions and are suggested to guide you in the formulation of your general as well as your specific subproblems or questions:
  • The first thing to do before conducting your research is to formulate the general statement of the problem and the specific subproblems or questions.
  • State the your specific subproblems in the interrogative form. Subproblems are also called as specific questions because they are in question form.
  • Do not use double-meaning questions. Specific questions should be clear and unequivocal. Remember, it should have only one meaning.
  • Each specific question is researchable apart from the other questions. It means that you can answer each specific question even without considering the other questions.
  • Each specific question should be based upon known facts and phenomena. And make sure that those facts and phenomena are accessible to make the specific questions researchable.
  • Answer to each specific question can be interpreted apart from the answers to other specific questions. It must also contribute to the development of the whole research problem or topic.
  • When you summed up the answer to all of those specific questions, it should give a complete development of the entire study.
  • There should be enough number of specific questions to cover the development of the whole research problem of the study. I remember some thesis examiner require having at least five specific questions. Well, it depends upon the situation.
  • As stated above, there should be a general statement of the problem and that should be broken up into as many subproblems (or specific questions) as necessary.


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