How to Write Methods of Collecting Data and Development of the Research Instrument in Chapter 3 of a Thesis?

Methods of Collecting Data and Development of the Research Instrument
(also called as Data Gathering Instrument and Data Gathering Procedures)

On this part of the thesis, you should explain the method of collecting data and the development of the instrument for gathering data. Below is an example:
Normative survey is the method of collecting data used on this study. This is concerned with looking into the commonality of some elements. The present research is a status study that’s why the normative survey was the most appropriate method to use in gathering data.

The instrument used to collect data was the questionnaire. This was used because it gathers data faster than any other method. Besides, the respondents were professionals and so they are very literate. They could read, understand and answer the questionnaire with ease.

Development of the instrument. After reading and studying samples of questionnaire from the related studies, the researchers construct their own questionnaire. They also consulted some skilled and knowledgeable people about how to prepare one. Some websites with tutorials and ideas on the web also helped them in the formulation. The researchers saw to it that there were enough items to collect data to cover all aspects of the problem. Also, this is to answer all the specific questions under the statement of the problem. Then, the researchers submitted their questionnaire to their adviser for correction after which it was finalized.
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