How to Write Methods of Research Used in Chapter 3 of a Thesis?

Methods of Research
Today, we have different methods of research to choose from. It can be historical, descriptive or experimental. Whichever you prefer from those three, you should explain it briefly. The procedural part of the method, its appropriateness to the study, and some of its advantages should be given attention and should be well discussed.

Example: Suppose the experimental method of research was used in a study that aimed to create a computerized ticketing and reservation system for Company A. Briefly, the discussion follows:
The proponents used the experimental research design to observe the consequences of the proposed system. Experimental design is a planned interference in the natural order of events by the researchers. He does something more carefully by observing what is occurring. The emphasis on experiment reflects the higher regard generally given to information to derive. There is good rationale for this. Much of the substantial gain knowledge in all sciences has become actively manipulating or interfering the stream of events. (This can be elaborated further.)

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