How to Write Sampling Design in Chapter 3 of a Thesis?

The Sampling Design
Before you do the collection of data in any of your research project, the proportion of the population to be used must have been determined already. You also must have finished the computation of the sample by this time. Yup, you need to write about the complete procedure you used in determining your sample. Below are some of the things you should discuss:
  1. The size of the population;
  2. The study population;
  3. The margin of error and the proportion of the study population used;
  4. The type or technique of sampling used whether pure random sampling, systematic random sampling, stratified random sampling, cluster sampling or a combination of two or more techniques;
  5. The actual computation of the sample; and
  6. The sample.
You, as the researcher should explain very clearly how you come up with your sample. You need to show that your sample is representative of the population. You can do that by showing that you used the needed technique of sampling. It is essential to have the right representative for your sample or else your findings as well as your conclusions will be faulty and may not be valid and reliable.


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