Quoting a Material in Related Literature and Studies of Chapter 2 of a Thesis

Quoting a Material
You can exactly quote a material if the idea stated is so perfectly declared or it’s controversial and it is not too long. You can write it with single-spacing and with wider margins on both sides (left and right). Some of you may also think of enclosing the line with quotation marks, but it is not appropriate. Below is an example:

Suppose the following is a quotation: Said Pelazquez,
Singing is a good way to relieve stress. It exercise your lungs and dramatically reduces stress. And the best thing about singing is that you can do it at any place etc., etc.1

1Regina Pelasquez, “Benefits of Singing to Stressed People,” (Unpublished Master’s Thesis, St. Andre Farm College, San AndrĂ©s Bukid, Manila, 2011.)


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