How to Write Analysis in Chapter 4 of a Thesis?

Analysis of Data
So you’re on the chapter 4? Ok, here we go. This analysis thing is actually the process of breaking up your whole study in its basic parts of categories according to the specific questions that you have under your statement of the problem. Analysis helps bring out into focus the important features of the study. Usually, analysis follows presentation.

Sometimes, based on your specific questions, you can divide the whole study into its constituent part. Each constituent part may still be divided into its necessary categories.

Classification of data – is grouping together data with the same characteristics. Here are the bases of classification:
  • Qualitative (kind) – means data with same quality or same kind are grouped together.
  • Quantitative – means data are grouped according to their quantity. For example, people can be grouped according to their ages such as 6-12, 13-19, 20-30 and so on.
  • Geographical – is classifying data according to their location.
  • Chronological – is classifying data according to the order of their occurrence.
In short, analysis is the wordy explanation of your presentation.


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