How to Write the Conclusions in Chapter 5 of a Thesis?

There are several terms to describe “conclusion”. Deductions, abstractions, implications, general statements, inferences, and/or generalizations based upon the findings are some.

We follow several guidelines when writing the conclusion. Here are some of its characteristics:
  • Do not include numerals because it may limit the compelling impact and scope of a generalization.
  • Your conclusion should be all based upon the findings.
  • It should answer your specific questions in the order they are given under the statement of the problem. If those questions are not clearly answered by the conclusions, it will leave your study meaningless.
  • It may point out what were factually learned from the inquiry.
  • Conclusions should be written in a brief manner. However, you should make it sure that all the important details resulting from the study as required by the specific questions are brought out.
  • Do not make a conclusion that will sound like you are doubtful or not reliable. Avoid using words like “perhaps, probably, maybe, and the like.” Be positive! Write it as if they are 100% accurate, true and correct.


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