How to Write the Interpretation in Chapter 4 of a Thesis?

Interpretation of Data
Interpretation of data refers to the statements of the possible meaning, probable causes and probable effects of a situation or condition as revealed by the findings. It also includes the covered suggestion to continue the situation if it’s good or to adopt some corrective actions to eliminate or lessen its bad effects. You should also indicate who are those benefiting and who will suffer from the bad effects. This part has at least four components:

  • Condition. In here, you discuss the present condition or situation based upon the findings.
  • Cause. Just the cause of the current condition. See to it that there’s a logical and valid relationship between the condition and cause.
  • Effect. Whether it’s good or bad, you should indicate here the result of the condition.
  • Continuance or remedial measure. If the effect above is disastrous or harmful, there must be some remedial measure you need to provide. On the other hand, if the effect of the condition is good then let’s just allow the condition to continue.


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