How to Write Presentation in Chapter 4 of a Thesis?

Presentation of Data
Sometimes, presentation may come before analysis. It is the process of organizing data into logical, sequential, and meaningful categories and classifications to make them amenable to study and interpretation. Together with analysis, these two puts data into proper order and categories reducing them into forms that are intelligent and interpretable so that the relationships between the research specific questions and their intended answers can be established. You can do this in three ways; textual, tabular and graphical.
  • Textual. Uses statements with numbers to describe data. You may find it boring to read this kind of presentation if it’s too long.
  • Tabular. Uses tables which classes or numerical facts or data are given each a row and their subclasses are given each a column. It’s easier to read data (especially those numerical ones) with this presentation.
  • Graphical. Uses charts that represents the quantitative variations or changes of a variable itself, or quantitative changes of variable in comparison with those of another variable or variables in pictorial or diagrammatic form. If your goal is to present a variation or a change of variable, then you can go for graphs. It’s the appealing and convincing way to do it.
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