How to Write the Summary in Chapter 5 of a Thesis?

We follow several guidelines when writing the summary. Here are some of its characteristics:
  • There should be a short statement about the main purpose of the study, the population or respondents, the duration of your study, methods of research used, the research instrument and the sampling design. Remember, just a brief statement for all of those, and there’s no need to elaborate.
  • You can bring together the findings but to make everything clear, each specific question which is on your statement of the problem must be written first. Those are to be followed by the findings that would answer it.
  • The findings must be a summary of the important data consisting of text and numbers. Statement of facts is written in words, numbers, or statistical measures written into a meaningful statement. No new data should be brought out here. Do not make deduction or interpretation. Reserve those for the conclusion part.
  • You should not make explanations nor elaborations of the findings anymore. Just state them in a few words (and straight to the point) as possible.
  • Since this is a summary, find only the important findings and the highlights of data which your conclusion (later) should be based.

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