Welcome to Thesis and Research Writing - Philippines!

All continuing college student face the most feared part of being college – thesis writing and defense. But with the necessary tools and guides, all of you can conquer your fear and make it to success.

Started on March 20, 2013, this BLOG [thesis.webhenyo.com] aims to help you on your thesis writing needs. We divided this thesis writing guide into many parts so you can study each piece with ease. Above, you can find the links that corresponds to the chapters of your research. Feel free to explore them and learn.

As time pass by, we will be providing more and more examples to give you lots of ideas regarding your research. These samples may include whole thesis from different persons and institutions.

We also have the FORUM. You can reach it through the link above. It is a collaborative helping tool where everyone with knowledge can help to improve others’ works.

Through all of this, we want you to be able to learn how to write your own thesis research and be successful on it.

Please share this to everyone needing this help. Thanks and good day.
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